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Life can be a struggle ...

8 out of 10 people fail at making the positive changes required to achieve their goals.

When we take these setbacks personally, we blame ourselves and end up feeling like a failure.

Which erodes our self-confidence and sabotages future attempts at positive change.

... but it doesn't need to be!

A personal message from Ron and Tony ...

When people think of work/life balance, they automatically believe that it will be difficult.

Because of this, most of us give up without even trying.

And instead of during the work, we distract ourselves from our disappointments by binging on Netflix, getting lost in Facebook, and self-soothe through unhealthy eating.

What if we told you that work/life balance was possible?

We’re reminded of this quote by Henry Ford …

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

While mindset plays a critical role in determining your success, we’ve found that there’s something even more powerful - your habits.

That’s right! Habits are the secret drivers behind your success.

And the fantastic thing is that you are already brilliant are creating habits.

That’s because our habits drive 100% of our behaviour.

We have habits of thinking, feeling, doing, connecting and influencing.

The problem for most of us is that we’ve let external influences drive our habits.

And the key to achieving work/balance is to stop being reactive and be intentional about building a series of positive habits that will move you toward what you want.

And to help you take back your personal power, we will walk you through 3 keys steps.

First, we have the seven key areas of focus: mind, body, emotions, relationships, work, money and fun.

These seven areas are the building blocks for your work/life balance journey.

Second, we have the wheel of life self-assessment.

This tool is a fantastic way to assess where you currently are on your journey.

And third, to help you even further, we’ve included recommendations of over 100+ mindful habits that you can use to achieve work/life balance.

Let’s get started!

Ron + Tony :)

The Work/Life Balance Handbook

In this 24-page PDF, we're going to introduce you to 3 secrets of achieving work/life balance ...

  • A deep dive into the 7 Key Areas of Focus and why you should adopt them for your own.
  • A step-by-step guide on using The Wheel of Life, including a blank template for completing your self-assessment.
  • A visual overview (mindmap) of over 100+ Mindful Habits covering each of the seven key areas of the wheel of life.
  • And more!